Thursday, May 18, 2006

Success Finds French Star Audrey Tautou

CANNES, France - Audrey Tautou knew she was getting into the biggest film of her career. She did not know she was getting into one of the biggest — and most debated — of her generation. The French star, best known previously for the title role in the romantic charmer "Amelie," was never one to seek Hollywood success, but it has found her with a co-starring role opposite Tom Hanks in "The Da Vinci Code." "I knew that it would be big, of course, because of the success of the book," Tautou told The Associated Press on Thursday, a day after "The Da Vinci Code" premiered at the
Cannes Film Festival and a day before its U.S. debut. [More]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She was wonderful....a pleasure to watch!

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