Friday, November 19, 2004

Movie Reviews: 'National Treasure'

Most critics seem to agree that National Treasure is not. Jami Bernard in the New York Daily News figures that it's not much more than a "pedestrian ripoff of Raiders of the Lost Ark." (Several other reviewers refer to it as a ripoff of the best-seller, The Da Vinci Code.) Bob Townsend in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, referring to the film's allusions to American historical events, comments, "It fakes high concept, but turns into a whole lot of hooey." On the other hand, Bob Strauss in the Los Angeles Daily News calls it "state-of-the-art Jerry Bruckheimer entertainment. It combines elements of the industry's top producer's most interesting recent efforts."

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hanks To Solve 'The Da Vinci Code'?

Tom Hanks is leading the way to star in the big screen adaptation of bestselling drama novel The Da Vinci Code. According to trade paper Hollywood Reporter, Hanks is the favorite to land the lead role of art historian Professor Robert Langdon in the big screen take of Dan Brown's book. The Oscar-winning actor is reportedly already in talks with Columbia Pictures studio bosses and director Ron Howard about the coveted role. In Brown's book, Langdon is the man who cracks the mystery of the renowned Holy Grail. The film is expected to begin shooting next year.