Monday, April 10, 2006

Russian art expert in new Da Vinci Code plagiarism claim

SAINT PETERSBURG (AFP) - A new plagiarism claim was levelled against "The Da Vinci Code" author Dan Brown -- this time by a Russian art expert -- just three days after Brown successfully fought off a high-profile court challenge in London. Mikhail Anikin, an art historian at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg and a specialist on the Italian painter Leonard Da Vinci, told AFP he would take legal action if he does not get an apology and compensation for "everything Dan Brown has got from this plagiarism." "Otherwise, I intend to take legal action in the next few days," he said. [More]


Blogger RC said...

Isn't this bizarre...I was certainly following on my blog the 1st Da Vinci Code case (because i think it was very interesting and ultimatly see it as a multi-faceted publicity stunt)...

But I couldn't believe this new case...everyone wants some of Dan Brown's dough.

--RC of

1:43 AM  

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