Sunday, April 02, 2006

‘Da Vinci Code’ Cryptex Revealed

Roger Friedman writes: The one piece of movie merchandise everyone will want soon cannot be bought. It’s the Cryptex decoding puzzle from "The Da Vinci Code." All over the Internet, enterprising inventors are selling their versions of it. But yesterday, I got to see the real thing. A picture was even taken of me skeptically inspecting the Cryptex. In next month’s Premiere magazine, you will see a more complete background of how the one and only Cryptex was made. The real one is nothing at all like the ones I’ve seen for sale online. It’s a heavy, antique-like brass cylinder, for one thing. If you can figure out the trick of unlocking it, the Cryptex pops open and reveals a glass-capped tube. In this one, the liquid inside the tube was vinegar. As someone explained, there was no vodka at the time. [More]


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