Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Da Vinci Code Guide Books

NEW YORK - A movie verson of "The Da Vinci Code" starring Tom Hanks is due out May 19, and that could add to the number of fans making pilgrimages to places in Europe associated with the mystical thriller. Two new guide books out this week, "Fodor's Guide to The Da Vinci Code: On the Trail of the Best-Selling Novel" ($14.95) and "Walking the Da Vinci Code in Paris: Decoding the City and the Book" from Avalon Travel ($13.95) can help you plan a trip to see places that figure in the novel by Dan Brown. Both guides offer trip-planning advice and describe the real history behind various sites and how they fit into the novel. "Walking the Da Vinci Code in Paris" is written by Peter Caine, founder of a tour company called Paris Walks, and includes detailed directions for self-guided walking tours there. [More]


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