Saturday, February 11, 2006

'Da Vinci Code' Stars Break Code Of Silence On Mysterious Movie

With just about three months to go before the secrets of "The Da Vinci Code" are unlocked in theaters, rabid fans are still clamoring for revelations regarding the transition of the bestselling book to the big screen. With cast and crew under strict confidentiality agreements, details on the flick have been few and far between. But with two of its key players — Paul Bettany ("A Beautiful Mind") and French thespian Jean Reno ("Hotel Rwanda") — out pushing other projects, a fresh batch of "Da Vinci" news has been trickling in. "It never felt like [we were making] a huge movie," Bettany admitted while promoting the Harrison Ford-starring "Firewall," out February 10. "It was often just me, [director] Ron [Howard] and the crew. [My character] was usually on my own or murdering somebody, so it felt very much like a tiny, intimate film." [More]


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