Sunday, February 05, 2006

Forget The Da Vinci Code … carvings at Rosslyn reveal symphony for the devil

It has been the stuff of speculation, and even a Hollywood blockbuster, but one Scottish man believes he has uncovered the true secret of carvings in Rosslyn Chapel. Brian Allan, co-director of Scotland’s Paranormal Encounters Group (PEG), thinks researchers into the 15th-century chapel may have been working on the wrong frequency for years. Last year, Scottish composer Stuart Mitchell was hailed a “genius” when his research led to the unravelling of musical codes embodied in 213 stone cubes in the ceiling of the Midlothian chapel. The music, since transcribed and dubbed by Mitchell as The Rosslyn Canon Of Proportions, contained notation designed to be performed by mediaeval players and was described as “sounding like a nursery rhyme”. While admitting the cubes contained “a lot of symbolism and decoys to throw people off”, Mitchell has so far kept details of these close to his chest. [More]


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