Sunday, August 27, 2006

Da Vinci Vandals Wreck Church in Search for the Holy Grail

From A vicar at a fourteenth century church in Shropshire is considering upping security measures after the church was vandalised by two Italian men who had supposedly been searching for the Holy Grail after reading the Da Vinci Code. Rev Charmian Beech from St Luke’s Anglican church in Hodnet said the church has been inundated with visitors since the release of Dan Brown’s controversial novel, but this latest visit was extremely unwelcome. "Any deliberate damage to a Holy place is a serious offence so we are really upset," he told the Daily Mail yesterday. "Normally we are delighted to receive so many interested visitors but we are now having to review our security.' The novel was previously condemned by many leading figures in the Catholic Church both in England and in the Vatican.


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