Monday, May 01, 2006

Visit the Places From Da Vinci Code

You've read the book and you're probably thinking of seeing the movie. So, why not combine a vacation in Europe with a personal visit to some of the real landmarks that figure so prominently in "The Da Vinci Code"? A little time on the Web will lead you to guide books and companies that will take you on tours to some or all of the big scenes in the story, but with a little more time you could plan your own tour. It all starts with a violent, perplexing death in the Louvre which should be on your itinerary even if you're not following the book. Look for "English" in barely noticeable pale gray letters in the upper right corner of the Web site. Then use the search function to look for everything the museum Web site has on Da Vinci. If you want to try to follow the characters' paths, you'll need to click on "Visit" and then "Interactive Floor Plans" to learn the layout of the museum. [More]


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