Wednesday, March 08, 2006

'Da Vinci Code' trial back on

An author who is suing the publishers of the best-selling thriller "The Da Vinci Code" admitted in court Tuesday to exaggerating his claims that the novel borrowed from his own work. Authors Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh contend parts of their 1982 nonfiction book "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" formed the basis of Dan Brown's novel, which has sold more than 40 million copies and has been made into a film starring Tom Hanks. The lawsuit against Random House resumed Tuesday at London's High Court after a weeklong break to give the judge time to read both books and related materials. If the writers succeed in securing an injunction to bar the use of their material, they could hold up the film's scheduled May 19 release. Both books hinge on the theory Jesus married Mary Magdalen. [More]


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