Thursday, December 15, 2005

Da Vinci hype

A glimpse of The Da Vinci Code, the most eagerly anticipated movie of 2006, was released on the internet yesterday. A trailer for the silver-screen version of the controversial book was launched on the official film website. Starring Tom Hanks, the movie is expected to break box-office records when it opens in Australia on May 18 next year. The story of religious clues embedded in a Leonardo Da Vinci painting, and a clandestine society who have kept the 2000-year-old secret, has been at the top of the worldwide bestseller lists for the past two years. "Tom Hanks [who plays Dr Robert Langdon], Audrey Tautou [Sophie Neveu], Jean Reno, [Bezu Fache], Alfred Molina [Bishop Aringarosa] and Sir Ian McKellen [Sir Leigh Teabing] will be in the first scenes available from the film," Sony website manager Scott Lemos said. [More]


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